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USA Recycling price hike for boats

January 2010

demoUSA recycling has raised its prices on boat drop off to $128 a ton. Additionally they will no longer accept boats with ANY oil or gasoline aboard. All boats dropped off with fluids will be reported to the DEC for evaluation


New storage yard in Bayshore

May 11 2010

East end Long Island BoatingHorrific oil spill in on and under the Gulf Coast why isn't anyone talking about this. Have you seen the idiotic "Worst Case Scenario Plan"



Town of Huntington

June 01 2008

demoThe Town of Huntington is now accepting old gasoline , paint thinners , and any toxic liquids twice a year from residents only. This is being done through an outside disposal company. Call the Town for details


Winter Storage Rates

2010-2011 winter storage

We now have our winter rates set at our secure locations. Prices shown below are the same or LOWER THAN last years rates


8-9 ft. Beam $22 a foot

10-11 ft. Beam $24 a foot

12-15 ft. beam $26 a foot


Phone 631- 235-0186


Shrink Wrapping

2010-2011 Shrink Wrapping

We now have our winter shrink wrapping rates set for this season


8-9 foot beam $9 a foot

10-11 foot beam $10 a foot

12-13 foot beam $12 a foot

14-16 foot beam $15 a foot

Phone  631-235-0186



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Marine Salvage and parts

Long Island marine has a variety of parts for all years and makes of boats , new, used and rebuilt, Call or email for availability and price.

We have a well managed boat salvage yard with many parts available at steep discounts over new prices.

Cleats, windlasses, Bow Pulpits, Remote lights, pumps, anchors, seats, cabin accessories, hatches, Bimini frames, the list goes on and on. If it goes on a boat it goes through our hands. For a better response please email with year, make, model and part description

Phone 631-235-0186


Boat Hauling Transport Winterization and Storage

Boat Moving Transport and Launches Long Island NY

Long Island Marine offers boat hauling and transport throughout Long Island including Suffolk and Nassau Counties

We have three full time trailers, two triple axle, and one double axle for both large and smaller vessels alike

We also make yearly trips between Florida and NY moving boats both ways often boats large enough to require an escort vehicle.

We offer SECURE STORAGE, SHRINK WRAPPING, and FULL BOAT WINTERIZATION at both the Kings Park and Bayshore yards on Long Island NY.

Call for quote 631-235-0186

Searay Moving






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Boat Hauling, Launching, Boat Repair, Marine Salvage :

Boat Launching, Marine Salvage, storage and more

November 23 2009

Boat  Hauling and marine salvage is not the only aspect of boating life we bring to the Long Island Community. Whether you live in Nassau County or Suffolk County we offer secure long and short term boat storage at easily accessible locations. Our outdoor storage area feature completely fenced in property with 24 hour access  to our customers.