Project Boats

The boats and the parts in this section of our website are boats that have not yet been completely parted out. Some of the boats we are trying to sell, complete, thinking that someone may take on the restoration. We have many of the parts such as the engines available. We just not the time to redo everything since the base customer repair and service side of our business has grown. We think because of our great service and prices. Anyway, below are some videos we took of boats we have in our possesion. Some have title problems while others are requiring repairs that we simply don’t have time for. These are boats that are still in our salvage yard as a whole, or at least mostly intact. If you see a boat part or a complete boat that you wouldlike more info on please use the contact form with any questions.

Silverton 370 1981 Exterior

Penn Yan 212 Tournament 1988 ->Runner

Searay 340DA 1989 Parts or whole

Searay 26 Amberjack 1985

Searay 1988 300 Sandy

Wellcraft V20 Stepside 1996 ->Runner