Boat Repossession and Storage

Boat Repossession

Long Island Marine Services offers repossession and secure boat storage for both bank and private party repossessions. We make it easy for you.

We have the ability to rapidly recover vessels from Jet skis to 60 ton commercial boats and yachts. We have licensed captains with tow endorsements for all in water repos as well as hydraulic boat moving trailers for overland repossession.


Long Island Marine Services has the ability to store any size vessel in our secure yard located centrally on Long Island in NY. We have both live on premises security as well as IT cameras . Your property is safe with us.

Re marketing

We have been selling our clients boats for many years both through word of mouth and internet marketing. Recently after hurricane Sandy we were able to secure buyers for 49 vessels for banks, insurance companies, and private owners. We use as many as 13 websites to market these boats and with our familiarity with boats we are able to answer all of the questions a prospective buyer may ask.

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Boat storage yard

A boat and a trailer being moved by a truck